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Sydenham Edwards (1800), wrote in the Cynographia Britannica, London:

"What the Lion is to the Cat the Mastiff is to the Dog, the noblest of the
family; he stands alone, and all others sinking before him. His courage does
not exceed its temper and generosity and in attachment he equals the
kindest of his race.
His docility is perfect; the teasing of the smaller kinds will hardly
provoke him to resent, and I have seen him down with his paw the Terrier or cur that has bit
him, without offering further injury. In a family he will permit the children to play with him and
will suffer all their little pranks without offence. The blind ferocity of the bulldog will often
wound the hand of the master who assists him to combat, but the Mastiff distinguishes
perfectly, enters the field with temper, and engages the attack as if confident of success: if he
overpowers, or is beaten, his master may take him immediately in his arms and fear nothing. This
ancient and faithful domestic, the pride of our island, uniting the useful, the brave and the
docile, though sought by foreign nations and perpetuated on the continent, is nearly extinct
where he was probably an aborigine, or is bastardized by numberless crosses, everyone of which
degenerate from the invaluable character of the parent, who was deemed worthy to enter the
Roman amphitheatre and in the presence of the masters of the world, encounter the pard and
assail even the lord of the savage tribes, whose courage was sublimed by torrid suns, and found
none gallant enough to oppose him on the deserts of Zaara or the plains of Numidia
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