25 January 1990 - 30 August 2013
"Our trail together ended today, but I will never forget the ride. Run
free my friend."

I had Sununu for just over 20 years.  We shared a LOT of memories
in that time - too many to recount.

He was diagnosed in early August 2013 with a rare equine thyroid
carcinoma.  So rare, in fact, the equine vets, and oncology vets at
Auburn had never seen a case.

It isn't easy to have diagnostics done on a horse, so doing a CAT
scan, or MRI to determine the extent of Sununu's cancer was
impractical.  Based on his symptoms, continuing weight loss, and high
fevers with febrile seizure activity, the equine and oncology vets
agreed that the cancer had most likely metastasized and treatment
would be ineffectual.

When he spiked a fever of 106, we knew the time had come.  
Arrangements were made, and on 30 August 2013, I said my final
good-bye to the horse that had been my trail companion and a daily
constant in my life for more years than any person other than my

Until we meet again on the trails of eternity.