Am/Int'l CH Pegasus Oso Bodacious Kodiak
BISS/BIS CH Southports Sherman (Sherman) x CH Pegasus Country Izztwo (Mizzy)
9 November 2004 - 25 February 2011
Kodi was diagnosed with osteosarcoma of the spinal column on Monday and 3 days later was gone.
He went fast; and his death came hard on the heels of our losing Herc from telangiectatic osteosarcoma in December.
Kodi chose his own terms to die (and for anybody who knew Kodi, they know he lived on his own terms too). He went
peacefully and quietly with his head resting in the lap of one of his beloved humans.
We called Kodi our Jack Russel Terrier in a Mastiff body.  No Mastiff should have so much exuberance and energy!  He
could "ping" and bounce with the best.
He was also known as our mouthy, obnoxious, brat.  He could argue with the best and I swear, I
never won an argument
with Kodi!  He was pushy, demanding, and spoiled rotten.  But he was the kind of dog that no matter how rotten he was, he
could always make you laugh!!!!
Kodi was a ham extraordinaire.  He had a presence in the show ring that screamed "LOOK AT ME!"  He absolutely loved
to be a show dog and always wanted to be the center of attention.

I believe in my own heart that Kodi didn't want me to watch him suffer and be in pain.  He lived, and died, by Kodi's rules.
Kodi is going to be missed a great deal by all who loved him.
Rest in Peace Kodi-Odie.  You were my oh so special fluffy boy.