Oso Bodacious Things Happen For A Reason
Oso Bodacious Things Happen For A Reason, aka Kismet (or Kizzy, as
she is often called) has joined the Oso Bodacious family.  Although she
will be living in New Orleans, LA with her "Mama" Dona, she will be
traveling and spending time with her Oso Bodacious brothers and
mother when she is old enough to be shown.  Kizzy is an apricot born
on 3 April 2008, and is from our Callisto x Boulder litter.  We have
great expectations for this little girl.  She is co-owned with Dona Reilly.
Update:  Kizzy was returned to us on 15 February 2009.  Due to changing
circumstances in her life, Dona could no longer care for Kizzy.  At first,
we were going to re-home Kizzy, but after getting her and having her with
us for several weeks, we have decided to keep her ourselves.