CH Pegasus Oso Bodacious Silvertip
CH Pegasus Southern Gentleman (Gus) x Pegasus Country Funny Cide (Giggle)
24 August 2005 - 23 December 2011
Grizzly died of gastric lymphoma with paraneoplastic neurological syndrome.  A very long name for
stomach cancer that affected his motor functions in his brain.  We didn't know Grizzly had cancer until
the pathology reports came back after he died.

We knew he was extremely sick, but even the doctors at Auburn thought is was Pythiosis until the final
lab results.

Not one single test, culture, or biopsy, done on Grizzly, prior to the final biopsy after exploratory
surgery, indicated cancer in any way.  So the diagnosis came as a complete shock to us.

I don't think Grizzly ever truely "grew up".  He was a puppy until the day he died.

Grizzly loved everything and everybody in his life, but his passion was balls.  Any kind - tennis balls,
footballs, jolly balls.  His absolute FAVORITE ball was his teaser ball.  He could spend HOURS
entertaining himself, to the point of exhaustion, with his teaser ball.  We would literally have to pry it out
of his mouth and force him to take a break.

Grizzly also loved our puppies.  He would wrestle and play with Callisto, and then Gnarly, and was always
so very gentle with them.  Even when they used their razor sharp puppy teeth on him, he didn't
retaliate.  When we had our litter of puppies, Grizzly was the first adult dog, other than mom, they were
introduced to.

He was our "Doofus".  He was comical, he was goofy, he was... Grizzly.

He, like those before him, left way to soon.  We will always remember you Grizzly.  You are alive in our
memories and our hearts.  We will meet again someday, and once again, we will laugh at your crazy
antics.  Gone, but never forgotten.  You are loved Grizzy Bear.