As do many breeders, I donate my time and resources to volunteering for Mastiff rescue and
sometimes even help out other breeds.

I have done things such as evaluate dogs in shelters for breed (since I volunteer for breed specific
rescues, we only take in "purebred" dogs), and temperament; done in home evaluations for
prospective adoptees; taken in dogs for rescue from owners who are surrendering them (for
whatever reason); transported dogs to either foster homes or their forever homes; and pulled dogs
from shelters to be taken into rescue.

I am currently State Coordinator for Southern States Mastiff Rescue.  The job is mostly paperwork,
coordinating rescues (ergo the title State "Coordinator"), evaluating prospective homes, and dealing
with people.  But no matter what, it helps the dogs.

I RARELY foster, as I have a tendency to be a failure at fostering.  I often get too attached and
don't want to give up my foster once they are in my home.  But on occasion, there have been those
rare times when I did indeed foster a dog.  I have created a page for each of my fosters since they
are a big part of my Mastiff life as well as my own dogs.  Click on each name below to see that dog's