Erika, Eliot's forever mom, met Eliot when she and I went to pick up Kizzy.  Kizzy was being
returned to me, her breeder, by her owner because of changes in her life that rendered her unable
to properly care for Kizzy.  That same owner also returned Eliot to his breeder for the same reason.  
Eliot's breeder, and I and Erika, all met at the same time and place to retrieve our dogs.  Erika fell
in love at first sight with Eliot.  Had we had the van with us and not my pickup truck, I truly
believe Eliot would have come home with us that day!  Instead, the next day, Erika asked me to
contact Eliot's breeder to see if she would agree to rehome Eliot to her.  I did and Eliot came to live
with Erika the day after that!

Kizzy went to live with Mama Erika when Callisto decided 2 bitches in the same house wasn't going
to work.  Eliot and Kizzy are both very happy that they ended up in the same house.  Kizzy grew up
with Eliot and he was always her big "brother".

Eliot recently turned 8 yrs. old and aside from some hip dysplasia and arthritis is doing quite well
for an old guy!
While not truly a "foster", since I did help bring together Eliot
and his forever mom, I felt he should be included here.  He
doesn't actually live at my house, but lives with 2 of Callisto's
puppies, PJ and Kizzy, and for now my Gnarly.  I see him
nearly every day, and he's a big part of my Mastiff world.