Pegasus Osa Bodacious Callisto
Pegasus Osa Bodacious Callisto, aka Callisto, is our
most recent addition to the family.  She is a fawn, and
was born on 19 March 2006.  She has taken over the
house, and is the boss of the boys.
Callisto is the one in the red collar, third from the left..
What a sweet face.
July 06:  Recently, we almost lost our baby Callisto.  She somehow managed to contract Parvo even
though she had all her shots, at the prescribed times.  She spent 8 days in the hospital receiving IV fluids,
dextrose, antiemetics, and antibiotics.  During those days, I learned more about Parvo than I ever wanted to
know.  The most important thing I learned was that no matter how hard we try to do what's right for our
precious furbabies, it isn't always enough.  Thankfully, with aggressive veterinary care, Callisto survived
and is now again a happy, playful, thriving puppy!!!