I recieved an email from the then SSMR State Coordinator
for Alabama about a Mastiff in the Dothan shelter and could
I please check him out.

I drove down to Dothan and took one look at the boy and
said, "He's not a Mastiff, he's a Bullmastiff."  Because of our
non-profit status, SSMR can only take in "purebred"
Mastiffs.  So I left, with tears in my eyes, without the dog.
When I got home, I sent emails to both the SSMR State Coordinator, and a contact for Bullmastiff Rescue
out of Tennessee.  I got an email back from Scott asking me if I could possibly pull this boy for Bullmastiff
Rescue and keep him for a few days or so until he could find a foster home.

I agreed and went back to the shelter in Dothan and got Budreau.  On our way home, we stopped for a
quick "courtesy" vet check.  Aside from having tons of fleas, he needed entropian surgery desperately on
both eyes and had several areas of skin infection which we would have to treat while he was with us.

I transported Budreau to Birmingham, where I met his new foster family from Nashville.  Once he got
settled in with his foster family, he had the needed surgery on his eyes and finally found his forever home
through the hard work of the Bullmastiff rescue people.

Budreau stayed at our house just over a week, so he was a very short-term foster.  But during that time,
he was such a good boy - sweet, and very affectionate, even when we had to put medicine in his eyes.  We
never did try to integrate him with our own dogs because of the fleas, and also because we knew he was
not going to be here very long.

Although short-term, his stop here was crucial to his finding his forever home and I was glad to be a part
of the network that made that happen.  I like to think that while he was here, he was happy.