Tribute toThor, aka BooBoo
3 April 2008 - 1 June 2009
At 8 weeks + 1 day, BooBoo went to live with the Eichhorn family and only lived a few miles away from his "first" home.  They
decided they wanted to call him Thor (but quite often they would tell me they called him Boo, or BooBoo, because it seemed
to fit him so much better than Thor did).
I can remember the day that Lisa, and her son Zachary, came to pick up their baby boy.  They were both so very happy to
finally be taking their new puppy home.  It had been a long, long wait for them from the day BooBoo was born to the day they
could call him theirs.  The Eichhorns gave Thor a wonderful home and adored their baby boy.
On the morning of 1 June 2009, Thor, aka BooBoo,
crossed the Rainbow Bridge.
He was way too young, being only 2 days shy of his
14 month birthday, but he brought more joy to his
family in his short little life than some people get in
a lifetime.
The vets did a necropsy and were able to determine how BooBoo died, but the one thing they will never be able to tell us is:
BooBoo was one of two fluffy puppies in our Callisto x Boulder litter, the apricot one.  His Mama3 (Erika), and I, named him
BooBoo because he was the smallest, and when you have a Yogi Bear, you
HAVE to have a BooBoo Bear!
The very first time prospective puppy buyers, Lisa and Leonard Eichhorn, and their son Zachary, came to visit the puppies,
they fell in love with him (and who wouldn't - just look at that sweet face!).
Ironically, the Eichhorn's
also fell in love with our
older apricot fluffy, Kodi,
and to their delight,
BooBoo grew up to be the
spittin' image of Kodi.  
According to his family,
Thor acted like his cousin
Kodi too - demanding,
mouthy, obnoxious, but an
absolute sweetheart!!!!!
Leonard would often pop his head in my office, make a
comment such as "My dog is the best damn dog in the
whole world.  He gives me such joy", and pop back out.  
Or I would get an email saying, "Thank you for my dog.  I
really love my dog."  But, even better than the comments
in passing, or the emails, were the times when Leonard
would walk into my office, saying, "C'mon Thor, let's go
see Grandma."  I
loved when BooBoo would come to visit
me at work!!!!!
Unfortunately, we only managed to have one very
fun filled "play date" where we were able to get
Thor, his brothers Yogi and PJ, and their cousin
Kodi together.  Thor hosted the play date at his
house, and I would say it was a huge success. I
don't know who had more fun, the dogs, or
Thor, aka BooBoo, was taken away from all of us long before he should
have been.  Even though we only had him for a short 8 weeks, he will
always be BooBoo to me and Erika.
I couldn't have asked for a better home for one of my precious Oso
Bodacious pups.  The Eichhorn family gave Thor everything a puppy
could need or want, but the most important thing they gave him was
their hearts.

RIP BooBoo Bear.
We will miss you forever, forget you never.