Bessie was seized, along with 39 other dogs of various breeds, from a hoarder in AL and taken to a kill shelter.  All 40 dogs were pulled from the shelter by a local,
independent rescue person and taken to temporary foster homes.

Bessie was intact, emaciated, had terrible, open sores on her hips, and had yeast infections in both ears.  After SSMR was contacted, I was called and asked to
positively identify Bessie as a Mastiff, and to check out her temperament.  Our first meeting went very well and she never stopped wagging her tail.

Bessie was scheduled to be spayed the following Monday (December 15) and it was decided she would recuperate better in my home, so she came to stay with me the
Sunday prior to her spay appointment and has been here since.

She has completely recovered from her surgery, the sores on her hips are healing well, and her ears are much better now and no longer require daily treatment.  She
has put on weight and looks much better.  She was tested for heartworms and was negative, so she has been started on heartworm preventative.  She received her
vaccinations, had her toenails trimmed, and had a medicated flea bath even though she had no visible fleas.

Bessie is an older dog, possibly 7 or 8 years old.  Her muzzle is very gray, although that could partly be from living a very rough life.  She also has cataracts and is a bit
stiff and slow up and down stairs of more than one or two steps.

Bessie is a sweet, loving girl and is very grateful for any attention given her.  She has integrated herself very well into my pack of 5 Mastiffs.  And she was doing well
in her temporary foster home with a number of dogs of all sizes.

She is housebroken, leash trained, and very well behaved in the house.  She has shown no signs of aggression towards the other dogs, or any humans.  She has been
around children ranging from 4 years old to 10 years old and she was quite content to allow them to play with, and love on, her.

Bessie has shown no signs of bowl guarding, and takes treats gently and politely.  Her teeth are worn down to mere nubs, but she has no problems eating, or chewing on
toys.  In fact, no toy is safe as she does her best to prove there is no such thing as Mastiff proof!  She shares toys well with the others in the house and shares beds,
floor space, and couches.  She prefers to be with the others and not separated from them.
Bessie was adopted
by a wonderful family in South Carolina.  She moved to her new
home on 29 March 2009.  Many thanks to Shirley Edwards who
helped transport Bessie to her new family.
Bessie is very much missed at our house, but we know she is
being loved and pampered by her new family.
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