2013 -
Part 2
ENDED with an O-SO Bodacious BANG!!!
We went to our last (and ONLY other) shows of 2013 in Ocala, FL on 14, 15, 16,
and 17 November.
What an AWESOME weekend (
AGAIN) for both Gnarly and Crockett!!!!!
On Thursday, 14 November, Crockett took Winners Dog to earn his final 2 points and his
CHampionship.  He is now CH Excelsior Oso Bodacious Cocked N Loaded For Bear!

He had been doing so well and moving great in the yard at home that I had entered him hoping he
could earn his last 2 points.  Even though we won't be breeding him, he IS an awesome looking baby
and in spite of his dysplasia, still moves very well.  I felt he deserved those last 2 points, but I didn't
expect him to get them the first day of the cluster!  Since I accomplished what I wanted, I sat him
out the rest of the weekend and he just enjoyed his time with Mom and Gnarly.
Before going to Ocala, for her Grand CHampionship, Gnarly had earned a total of 18 pts., with 4
majors and 2 shows where she beat other CH's .  She only needed 7 pts. and to beat other CH's one
more time in order to finish.

On Friday, she took
Best of Breed for another major, this one 5 pts., and she also beat several other
CH's.  She fulfilled another requirement for her Grand CHampionship and now needed only 2 single
pts..  She ALSO made the cut of 6 dogs in a
very competitive Working Group.

On Saturday Gnarly AGAIN took
Best of Breed, beating several other CH's and getting yet another
5 pt. major!!  She earned her last 2 points for her
Grand CHampionship, and then some!  
She is now
GCH Lamars Oso Bodacious QT Bear Is Juuust Right!
Since Saturday was also the annual Fame Bash, Gnarly also had her picture taken with the offical
Fame Bash banner.

Gnarly ended the weekend by taking Select Bitch on Sunday for another 4pt. major and again
beating other CH's.