2012 begins not only a new year, but brings about a new start for Oso Bodacious Mastiffs.

The past 2 years have been very difficult and have changed the course I had in mind.  I had a
direction I wanted to go, but I have been forced to rethink that direction.

As 2012 begins, we have 4 dogs.

Callisto, our matriarch, is 6, and has been spayed.  Callisto was, and still is, a gorgeous
representation of a Mastiff and had a stellar career in the show ring.  She was retired in May
2011 after winning
BOB at the prestigious Bucks County, PA show, BOS at the Trenton, NJ show,
AOM and Tournament of CH's 1st Runner Up at the MCOA National Specialty in RI.

Callisto gave us one beautiful litter of
puppies in 2008.  And, although we attempted to breed
her again, she didn't take in spite of our trying twice.  I've come to believe that may have been
for the best.

Yogi, our keeper boy from Callisto's litter, is 4 and recently neutered.  Yogi was my first
CH.  He was diagnosed a few months ago with subungual squamous cell carcinoma and
had a toe amputated to remove the cancer.  At the same time, he was diagnosed with DJD of
BOTH knees.  Degenerative changes are already evident on x-rays.

I had planned to collect and freeze semen from Yogi, but after the double diagnosis, knew I
could not breed him.  All of his litter mates have been neutered or spayed as well.  Again, I have
to believe this is for the betterment of the breed.

Kizzy, the girl from Callisto's litter that came back to us, is 4 and spayed.  Kizzy doesn't live
here at our house with us because around the age of 2 or so, she and Callisto decided that they
couldn't live together.  After spending a couple of months breaking up spats, and fearing the
"BIG" battle, it was decided that Kizzy would go to live with her brother P.J., and her former
housemate Eliot, at Mama Erika's house.

We have never "officially" changed ownership of Kizzy, she is still "ours".  Mama Erika pays for
Kizzy's food and supplements, and we pay her vet bills.  We visit frequently, and Kizzy is always
very happy to see us. She and Callisto are
both much happier not living in the same house.

Gnarly, is our fourth, youngest, and only intact show dog.  She will turn 8 months old in a few days
and already has her first point in the
show ring.  Having only one dog to show feels somehow
empty, having shown as many as 3 together.  But, I am in no hurry to finish Gnarly.  I want to show
her for a while and just have some fun with her.

I am quite sure I will be looking in the future (probably not to distant future) for another puppy
to begin showing, and to start rebuilding my crew.  But for now, the 4 we have are plenty.  I have
no idea where the future will lead me with Mastiffs.  I only know that it won't be where I
thought it would.  I believe "things happen for a reason" and I am sure I will find out what is in
store for Oso Bodacious Mastiffs when the time is right.

Stay with us, check back for updates, and find out, along with me, what the future holds.  And if
you see us out and about, at a show, or here on the web, come by and say Hello.
May 2012  -  MCOA National Specialty 2012, Oconomowoc, WI
August 2012 - Crockett joins the Oso Bodacious family
November 2012 - Gnarly's First Major - 5 Points, Ocala, FL
October 2012 - Crockett, Group 1 - 4-6 Month Beginner Puppy, Marietta, GA
November 2012 - Gnarly, Best Of Opposite - Sweepstakes, Priceville, AL
October 2012 - Gnarly, BOS Over Ranked Specials, Atlanta, GA