About Us
Welcome to Oso Bodacious Mastiffs.  Here, our dogs are family members; but on occasion we ask them to be show dogs
and even more rarely – parents.

We got our first Mastiff in 2001.  Like many others, we knew very little about the breed or what to look for in a breeder.  
Hercules came from somebody who didn’t health test, didn’t show, and bred for all the wrong reasons.  Regardless of
where Herc came from, he is responsible for starting our love affair with this fantastic breed.

Before I bought my second Mastiff, I researched and learned more about the breed.  I found a breeder who health tested,
showed, and had quality dogs.  Even though I had no intention of showing him, the “pet” I got had all the advantages of a
show dog.

Then, I got invited to the 2005 National Specialty in French Lick, IN.  I left there and immediately searched for
conformation classes with my then 6 month old puppy.  Within 6 weeks of attending my first Specialty, I was in the show
ring and had been bitten by the show bug.

Since then, I have shown and Championed a number of dogs, one of which was Championed from the Bred-By class (yes, I
even bred a litter of my own)!  My dogs have earned Grand Championships, International Championships, Canine Good
Citizen awards, and countless ribbons at National Specialties.  They have kudos and bragging rights too numerous to
mention here.

I bred my first litter of puppies in 2008 and plan to breed again when the dog, and the time, is right.  Before breeding, our
dogs are usually finished Champions, and have been health tested for a considerable number of ailments that can affect
the breed.  Those that don’t meet the standard in conformation, health, and temperament are not bred and continue to
be well-loved members of our family until they cross the Rainbow Bridge.

My journey has not been made alone.  I’ve have had my wonderful husband Jim beside me, if not in person, in spirit, every
step of the way.  I’ve met and come to know many, many great people in the Mastiff world.  I joined and have become an
active member of our parent club, the Mastiff Club of America (MCOA).  And I’ve had my best friend, my “sister” Erika,
along for the trip.  Without her to take care of the dogs who don’t travel with me, to help raise “our” litter, to help with
medical treatments when required, to take in my females when my oldest female decided she didn’t want them to live with
us any more, to simply be there for me no matter what – well, none of this would have been possible.

The trip is not over.  We have more travel ahead; probably travail as well.  I have learned SO MUCH in the years I’ve been
involved with Mastiffs, but I realize I will never know everything and strive to continue to learn.  Visit with us online, share
our past with us through our website, and come along with us for our ride into the future.